CMA Mechanical Constructions is a mechanical company with over 30 years of experience. It was established in 1998 as Promec SAS, and currently specializes in the custom construction, tailored to customer needs, of machinery for the industry, mechanical components, and entire industrial plants.

At CMA, we work both under our own brand and on behalf of third parties, never losing sight of the artisanal values ​​that have always distinguished us: the care of personal relationships, commitment, and the willingness to give our best.

We internally produce almost all the necessary components and source the rest from other companies we personally know, with the confidence of those who have long known the entire value chain of the mechanical sector. For us, this means better prices, advanced logistics, punctuality, safety, and guaranteed quality on a 100% Made in Italy product.

At the same time, our many years of experience have allowed us to come into contact with numerous sectors of mechanics, as well as with manufacturing companies in need of new plants and machinery. We deal with the construction and assembly of entire plants dedicated to the textile industry for the treatment of used garments, the production of parts and machinery for processing mattresses, wood, agricultural products, waste, packaging, paper, and also collaborate with innovative start-ups for the production of micro-machinery.

Mission and Vision

Our goal is to expand the current Business Unit both in the Italian market and in other foreign markets. In addition to Italy, in fact, our machinery is successfully present abroad, particularly in the Netherlands, Dubai, Slovakia, Hungary, and France.

CMA’s mission is to constantly improve and innovate the production process and supply of the mechanical industry through the creation of completely innovative products. Our company guarantees its customers advanced technological machinery, ensuring optimal service in initial design, consultancy, sales, and after-sales assistance.


In addition to highly trained staff, as the founder and head of CMA, Massimo Agostini is supported by his young sons Gregorio and Demetrio, who with their initiative and determination are assisting him in company management. The expertise of our team, which we aim to include all our employees, young or old, for their presence in the company, makes CMA a mechanically evolving company in design and manufacturing, of which we are very proud.


Among the CMA branded products are machinery destined for companies involved in the recovery and recycling of used materials. These are our sorting plants that allow waste differentiation contributing to a more sustainable economy.